Vinh City - Opportunity of Cooperation and Investment - Du lịch Thành phố Vinh Nghệ An
Tin đăng ngày: 28/9/2011
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Vinh City - Opportunity of Cooperation and Investment

I. Vị trí chiến lược:

I. Strategic Location:

Vinh city is a large urban located in the east - south of province, with the geographic coordinates of 18 ° 38'50" to 18°43'38" north latitude, from 105°56'30" to 105° 49'50" east longitude. The north and east touching with Nghi Loc district, south touching with Nghi Xuan district - Ha Tinh province, west touching with Hung Nguyen district. From Vinh to Hanoi is over 300 km on the north, and having a distance from Ho Chi Minh City 1,400 km to the south. Located in the tropical monsoon region is hot and humid, average temperature 24 °C, absolute high temperature 42.1 °C, the absolute low temperature 4 °C. Total natural area is 104.97 km2 and a population of 306,000 people, of which the inner city includes 16 wards and 09 suburban communes.
Vinh City is a urban of grade I belonging to the province, it is a sum center of Nghe An province,  a regional economic and cultural center, is a motive force of growth and settlement the key issues of economics of Nghe An province and North Central region. Vinh City is in East-West Economic Corridor, linking Myanmar - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - China South Sea. Situated on the tourist routes of nation and international. With that position, Vinh City - Nghe An province plays an important role in exchange of economics, trade, tourism, transportation of goods to the country and other countries in the region. Vinh is a home city of Ho Chi Minh President

II. Infrastructure developed in sync:

Vinh is in the lifeline axis of north - south both by road, railway, waterway and air routes, Vinh city holds a key position on road transport in the country from north to south and vice versa. Also, it is very convenient for economic - culture exchange in the region and international. From Vinh, we can exchange goods with Laos via Nam Can border, Thanh Thuy border of Nghe An province or Cau Treo border of Ha Tinh Province, or through the sea way via Cua Lo port to other countries.

Vinh airport is capable of receiving medium-class A320 - A321 aircraft, there are domestic flights in current such as: Vinh - Buon Me Thuot - Ho Chi Minh city; Vinh - Hanoi city. In the near future, we will open new international routes to Laos, Thailand and China.

Cua Lo port is a seaport of grade I, located on the route of international maritime traffic, is a transportation hub of North Central region, for cargo going from Laos and northern provinces of Thailand. There are the international sea route to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Americas  from Cua Lo port ... and vice versa. Design capacity of the port with scale of 2 to 2.5 million tons / year, now it is being built a deep water Cua Lo port which is capable of receiving vessels of 30,000 to 50,000 DWT.
System of urban transport and outbound traffic are constantly expanding and new construction such as National Highway 1A, Vinh High-byway 46, Lam riverside road, planning road 72 m from Vinh - Cua Lo, ... not only create the favourable conditions of transport and tourism development, but also create landscape, change the face and shape of urban areas.

Modern telecommunications network with all types of services can respond quickly to the demand of information exchange and communication in domestic and international.

Commercial activity is growing day by day: The system of trade centers and supermarkets (Intimex, Maximax, CK Palaza, Big C Vinh, Metro), large-scale markets such as Vinh market, Vinh Railway station and markets in the area, can meet the needs of local people and visitors trading in the city.

System of power and water supply: Power supply source for daily use and production of the city is guaranteed to supply from the national power and water source. Vinh water plant with a capacity of about 80,600 m3/day and night supply the fresh water for Vinh City and its suburbs, it is expected to reach 150,000 m3 in 2020.
The financial, banking, insurance services, ... on the area of city has developed rapidly. There are 49 bank branches operating to meet the needs of life, production and business of people and Enterprise.

Service of health care is increasingly being raised. There are more than 20 speciality and general hospitals, together with many medical centers, clinics, medical clinics, hospitals of industry in the area of city such as: Traffic hospital, Military hospital, in which including 01 regional hospital with scale of 700 beds.

III. Potentiality of tourism: 

Vinh is one of five key tourist areas of Nghe an province (traveling in Vinh city, travelling on Cua Lo beach, Nam Dan tourism, forest tourism of Pu Mat National Park and cultural ecological tourism of Quy Chau - Que Phong); it is a landmark (pressing point) in the national tourism map with a network of hotels, restaurants, luxury motels are located throughout the city. 

Đến với thành phố Vinh, du khách có thể tham gia vào nhiều loại hình du lịch như: du lịch nghiên cứu, du lịch sinh thái, nghỉ dưỡng, du lịch tâm linh.... Vinh là trung tâm phân phối khách du lịch trong cả nước và khu vực với các tua du lịch bằng đường sắt, đường bộ, đường hàng không nối liền các khu du lịch hấp dẫn như: khu du lịch bãi biển Cửa Lò, vườn Quốc gia Pù Mát, Thác Sao Va, khu du lịch bãi Lữ, khu du lịch Xuân Thành, khu nghỉ dưỡng suối nước nóng Sơn Kim,…và đến các điểm du lịch nước ngoài: các tỉnh Đông bắc Thái Lan, Lào, Đảo Hải Nam Trung Quốc…

Coming to Vinh city, visitors can participate in many kinds of tourism such as tourism for studies, ecological tourism, resort, spiritual tourism ....Vinh is a distribution center of tourists in the country and the region with tours by rail, road and air routes linking attraction tourist zones such as Cua Lo beach, Pu Mat National Park, Sao Va Waterfall, Bai Lu resorts, Xuan Thanh tourism area,  Son Kim hot springs resort, ... and to foreign destinations: North East provinces of Thailand, Laos, Hai Nam island of China ...

IV. Abundant human resources:

Vinh City has a population of 306,000 people, accounting for 9.75% of population in province, in which the labor force accounted for 50% of population. The rate of labor are trained reaching to 45%. With a young, abundant, skilled technical, creative, labor discipline, behavior and industrial civilization labor force... have created advantages for attracting investors to come to Vinh city.

The city has got 05 universities, 07 colleges, and vocational secondary schools attracting more than 55,000 students, training in most fields of science, engineering, information technology, economics, business administration, health, foreign language, ...

V. Economy is developing dynamically.

Vinh City is a economic, cultural center of North Central region, a motive force of growth and settlement the major tasks on economic development of province and North Central region, with economic growth has been high and quite stable. Growth rate of average annual gain over 16% of income per capita in 2010 reached VND 38.1 million. The economic structure has shifted in the right direction: industry reached 41.09%, service 57.52%, agriculture 1.61%. Until now, the city has got 01 industrial zone and 04 industrial clusters which have completed infrastructure and attracted investors to fill 100% of the land for lease, 03 industrial clusters are implementing plan to meet demand for expansion of business production of investors. In addition, the city now has got six traditional villages (sedge mat production and villages of growing flowers and ornamental plants). Activities of service, trade, tourism, transport, post and telecom - telecommunications, banking, insurance are development towards integration and diversity day by day, gradually establishing the regional center on a number of areas.

VI. Development orientation.
Development orientation of urban space: Up to 2020, it will be expanded the administrative boundaries of Vinh city to scale 250 km2 including Cua Lo town, Quan Hanh town and Hung Nguyen town and some communes of Hung Nguyen and Nghi Loc district, in which urban area will be expanded on 100km2. Vinh is a coastal city in the country.

Regarding to economics: Building Vinh City development rapid and sustainable; creating a strong change in the economic restructuring by increasing the share of services, industry, reducing the proportion of agriculture and priority for cleaning industry, advantage service sectors; focusing in development of urban infrastructure, improving the quality of human resource; maintaining the social - political stability, deserve a urban of grade-I, a economic - cultural center of North Central region.
Some targets in the period of 2011-2015:
- Economic growth (GDP) at a rate of 16-17% / year.
- GDP per capita in 2015 reach to VND 92 - 94 million/person/year.
- GDP proportion of service sector in 2015 accounts for 57 - 58%, industry 41-42%, agriculture 0.5-1%.
- Maintain the growth rate of natural population at level <7.2‰.
- Create new jobs about 5000 - 5500 persons / year.
- The poverty rate <1.5%.

List of projects proposed in additional to be called for investment in Vinh City in the period of 2011-2015  

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